Designed for the:

  • grower
  • retailer
  • nurseryman
  • landscaper
  • contractor
  • wholesaler
  • garden centre

…and working with:

  • perennials
  • annuals
  • trees
  • shrubs
  • containers
  • bare root
  • hard-goods
  • groceries
  • bedding plants
  • flowers
  • vines
  • fruit trees

greenWORKS… is of interest to growers, wholesalers and retailers in the plant nursery industry.  Originally designed specifically for companies working with trees and shrubs, after almost twenty years of enhancements, there are now many custom features for the retailer, landscape contractor, as well as those in the bedding-plant and flower-sock industry.  Licensed by the number of users, greenWORKS and be integrated with your business, no matter how large or small.

Features & Benefits

System/Network Requirements

Endorsements and References

Features & Benefits

For All Users:

  • Virtually all information can be exported or manipulated directly from outside greenWORKS using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access
  • The D3 database being ODBC compliant allows custom reporting using outside links, such as Crystal Reports, email PDF invoices, etc.
  • All the features can be tailored to your requirements.  It’s a custom package.
  • Internet ready, using TCP-IP for all connections to the server, remote access by the sales force and staff is built-in.  Even customer access to a specific data is possible.  No limits on number of printers.
  • Full integration of all modules, lookups by customer/supplier name, code, phone #, products by name, UPC, code, vendor part #, etc.
  • Full integration of hand-held computers with scanners, remote scanners and RFID allow a drastic reduction in after-the-fact data-entry.
  • Full multi-user with user-configurable security.  No limits on user count.
  • Provides generally faster, more accurate customer service with reduced admin costs.  More accurate and timely reporting, with superior planning and inventory control.
  • All forms can be customized, and printed to any printer.

For the Grower:

  • Product reservations, by location if desired, at order entry time
  • Multiple inventories, by season, integrated with typical polyhouse, tag-colour, etc.
  • Full bar-code support with full integration with Labelview Gold and Nice Label.  Print labels for full or part orders, and print customer prepricing and logos if desired.
  • Wholesale availability printed, faxed, or posted to your website
  • Complete product descriptions in up to 3 languages (common and botanical name typically used as the first 2.)  Flexible product coding.
  • Product substitions at order, acknowledgement, or ship time; visible to the customer or not.
  • Multiple discount structures including seasonal volume rebates, divisional differences, quantity breaks, and selling at one price while taking orders at next spring’s price.  Re-price booking orders at any time.
  • Production module allowing bench-space, material and labour planning, with complete support for structures, purchasing and sales links.
  • Most reports allow selection by genus, variety, size, code, etc.

For the Landscape Contractor

  • Full featured quoting system with the ability to track quote revisions and actual to quoted price
  • Full reference to drawing keys, and integration to inventory, sales and accounts receivable

For the Retailer

  • Full security POS integrated completely with all other modules including inventory.
  • Product re-order reporting with over and under stocks highlighted.
  • Sale pricing (entered in advance of start date and automatic deactivation afterwards.  After-the-fact reporting with sale price results.
  • Any slip printer, canner, and pole-display usable.

For the Accountant

  • External integration possible to Quick Books or Simply Accounty
  • Complete multi-currency, multi-division, multi-tax and multi-company (optionally interlinked) support on one server.
  • Full open-item accounting configurable aging and applications, full GL reporting with financial statements.  GL report writer is totally flexible.

System/Network Requirements

Server Requirements

Any computer with:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or above
    – or –
    If you have less than 8 users, a Microsoft Windows 10 Professional machine may also be used.
  • We recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM, 500GB + harddrive.
  • For support services, a high-speed internet connection is required.

Client Requirements

Any computer with:

  • Any Microsoft Windows version can power a client computer.
  • With some additions, any current Apple iOS-based computer, tablet or phone, as well as any Android computer, tablet or phone.

Software Notes/Requirements

  • greenWORKS runs on the D3 database, a true Windows 64 bit product.
  • Database access via software, or ODBC (ODBC client minimum Windows 2000)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, Access), check details with our support group (we recommend Office 2010 or higher, though the database will work with other versions)

Endorsements and References

Endorsements and references are available upon request. To request a copy, please contact us.

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